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Unlike email marketing, online news releases have the potential to reach millions of potential customers who aren't on your mailing list.
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No training necessary
There's no special "know-how" required — even if you've never written a news or press release before, we make it so easy that all you need to do is select a visibility level, drop in your content and send your release. Prexpress offers valuable news release writing tips and news release examples from all industries to help you get started.
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Starting at just $80, no other marketing tool can match the ability of Prexpress to reach millions of potential customers online for so little.
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Your Prexpress release will stay online forever and will continue to generate traffic to your website—even months after your initial release is distributed—for no additional cost.Top of Page

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Puts your news in front of key media
Today, journalists and bloggers are searching diligently online for news to write about. Prexpress news release distribution not only goes to more than 30,000 opt-in journalists and bloggers; they appear on websites like Google and Yahoo! where journalists are searching for story ideas.
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Prexpress news and press releases are easy to share in social networks; increasing the viral nature of your news and helping it become a big story. Our News Release Best Practices provide recommendations to ensure your press releases have maximum SEO value for minimum cost. In fact, you could spend thousands of dollars on traditional press releases and never get the media attention you'd get from a single Prexpress release.Top of Page

Prexpress helps you quantify results.

Get stats in real-time
While traditional advertising is difficult to track, Prexpress's advanced reporting capabilities and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) statistics show you the reach of your news - just minutes after your news goes live.
Detailed reports with information you need
Track the number of times your headline is viewed and your release is read. You can even see the words people searched for to find your release and download reports and analysis to measure the reach of your news.Top of Page