We are used to accept traditional forms of online media releases. Do you ever think
about that how many people can see your news? According to the survey, 90% of cyber citizen access to information through search engines, which means that your news is
released on the network, but the readers can not find your information in the search
engine, or your news is released on the list, it will lead that only small part of people can
see your news. What is more, the restriction on the news content decides that news
transformation can only be confined to the text level
Prexpress online can help you improve search engine ranking to make your news stand out! Each press
released here can have a good search engine crawling property, allowing search engines to see your news
more easily, and greatly enhancing the exposure of your news in the search engine. Apart from that, your news
release can contain pictures, video, business description, website links and other information, so that every
click will achieve the best effect of information transfer.
With the rise of the socialized media including the outside Facebook, Twitter, Digg,
Myspace and the domestic Kaixin, Xiaonei, community, we have to consider establishing and maintaining corporate image in these new media platform the core of which is
interactions and sharing.
Prexpress online also provides a comprehensive solution in this respect to make the news deliver freely
on media platforms such as the Blog, SNS. We can make the news with a strong interaction, sharing of property
through Favorite, Share, RSS, Traceback and so on. Wikipedia Solution
Prexpress writing service is provided to these customers who have the awareness of
news dissemination but relatively unfamiliar with news manuscript writing. The premise of successful news dissemination is a good press release. How to refine the highpoint of
good news and how to make the business core information outstanding? All of these
are important parts in the manuscript planning and writing.
We have many excellent team members who have rich experience in public relations and script writing to help
companies write press releases. If you encounter any difficulties and bottlenecks in script writing, I suggest you
contributing suggest that you authorize our team to help you write it directly, which will enhance your efficiency
and communication quality.