PRexpress has the most complete online media distribution channels,After several years of accumulation and the national media, major portal and industry to maintain a good working relationship,quickly to business releases posted to the target media.Manuscripts through the editorial staff of enterprises after audit,rapid release to include the Portal site,Professional site,Region Portal site, Social Media and other major media.
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For journalists,timeliness of information and news coverage of the selection of the most crucial factors,Rress Release Outlet 1.0 service for company his own news media sent to the target mail,editor can know enterprise information in the first time,the enterprise according to the media can leave message and contact with the responsible person of the enterprise,Given the advice or further to dig deeper theme,help enterprises to establish effective media relations management mechanism.
We have integrated national thousands of journalists, edit the data, and constantly update, supplement and complete, in order to ensure that the data of real and effective.
China Media database By November 2009 Total 12,000
  • Culture 119
  • Automobile 294
  • Health 117
  • Finance 80
  • IT 2320
  • Fashion 137
  • Travel 530
  • Realty 136
  • etc...